Production activity of the company

The management of the company annually forms a plan of measures for the introduction of new technologies in production. The company has installed imported modern milk processing lines and packaging of finished products, which is of great importance for the compliance of products with the highest quality.

During the re-planning of the ice cream shop, a new ice cream line Ice Group (Poland) was installed. Built an additional ice cream storage room provides a multi-level storage system, a new line allows you to produce a wide range of ice cream: on a stick, in a waffle cup, in a waffle horn, ice cream "sandwich with waffle", ice cream cake.

The production re-planning of the filling section of the whole-milk shop allowed to establish a line for filling dairy products into a glass and PET bottle with a capacity of 14,000 bottles / hour. Built a new warehouse for storing products in a glass and PET bottle allows you to store it in three levels.

At the production site in Bobruisk (PBU "Bobruiskmoloko") the project "Technical re-equipment of production" was implemented, which includes modern lines for the production of sterilized milk, sour cream, cottage cheese. In-depth processing of raw materials has made it waste-free, placing it on a par with the world's brands.

On the production site in Osipovichi, an original technological project was implemented, implemented jointly with the Czech company "Mega". It is based on the production of an innovative product - dry demineralized whey on two eight-cell electrodialysis units, each of which allows processing 35 cubic meters of concentrated curd whey.

Modernization and reconstruction of the production site in Mstislavl makes it possible to produce a large range of whole-milk products, as well as a new automatic cheese-making line and equipment for processing whey significantly increased the productivity of cheese per day.