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Babushkina Krynka’s production and quality management policies are based on a comprehensive market research and analysis. Investment in new technologies and an up-to-date management system enable the company the reach its goals and supply high quality products to its consumers.

To provide the population of Mogilev Region with dairy products, the company uses complex non-waste production technologies.

Holding «Mogilyov dairy company «Babushkina Krynka» uses whole milk and cream as raw materials. The raw materials are supplied by Mogilev Region’s dairy farms and dairy factories.


Holding «Mogilyov dairy company «Babushkina Krynka» has modern production facilities, refrigerators, a boiler house, a vehicle fleet and a canteen. The latest technologies and packing materials enable the company to prolong the shelf life of goods and ensure their high quality.


The company can process 625 tonnes of milk per working shift and produce 180 tonnes of whole milk products, including 21.2 tonnes of butter, 20 tonnes of dry milk, 10 tonnes of hard cheeses, 4 tonnes of whole milk substitute, 2.5 tonnes of ice cream, 20 tonnes of baby food, 0.5 tonnes of mayonnaise.

The company’s production facilities are fitted with Belarusian and imported equipment with the average depreciation coefficient of 50.5%.

In 2003 within the framework of the presidential program Children of Belarus Holding «Mogilyov dairy company «Babushkina Krynka» launched sterilized dairy products.

Today the company produces over 250 kinds of goods that are sold under Babushkina Krynka (Granny’s Jar), Veselye Vnuchata (Happy Grandchildren) and Energiya Zhizni (Life Energy) brands.