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Bright and tasteful - in Mogilev summed up the contest for the best New Year's decoration

Winners of the annual contest for the best New Year's and Christmas decoration of the city identified in Mogilev. Prizes awarded in four categories. In group I, among the industrial enterprises, transport and communication first place went to "Babushkina krinka". The company will receive a premium of 65 basic units. Second place was awarded to "Mogilev factory of lift mechanical engineering» (40 basic units). Third was the "Bakery and confectionery company" Domochay "(30 basic units). In group II, among the enterprises of trade and services was not equal to the department store "Central" (65 basic units). "Silver" has won the shopping center "Crossroads Centre" (40 basic units). Third place - in the shopping center "Magnit" (30 basic units). In group III among the enterprises of housing and communal services were distributed as follows: the first - "Gorvodokanal" (50 basic units), the second - housing repair and operational management of the Leninsky district of Mogilev (30 basic units), the third - a specialized autoenterprise (25 basic units) . In Group IV among cultural institutions, health, education, higher and secondary special educational institutions, physical culture, sport and tourism of the first place was awarded to the children's art school № 1 "(50 basic units). The second was the secondary school № 40 of Mogilev (30 basic units). "Bronze" went to Mogilev children's polyclinic being awarded a cash prize in the amount of 25 basic units. For active participation in the competition with incentive prizes to 20 basic units decided to award the trolleybus park number 1 thermal power plant, management of capital construction of Mogilev, nurseries / garden number 79.

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