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Social Responsibility

For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) - a voluntary contribution of business to society's economic, environmental and social spheres. Responsibility in general and expansion of areas of responsibility in particular - is the mission leader. Corporate social responsibility - it is the responsibility of our company as an employer, business partner, "citizen" and a member of the community.

In the CSR on the intranet level, we take the responsibilities to ensure employment, safe workplace, a social package, fair wages, as well as professional development opportunities for employees. At market level, we guarantee the quality of products, provide consumer protection, expanding product portfolio through innovation, adhere to ethical rules of competition and advertising, we develop an open relationship with business partners. And finally, at the level of society and the state, we commit ourselves to promote cleaner production and the development of social groups, communities and the development of small towns through investment in production branches and material support to local communities.