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Today holding "Mogilev dairy company" Grandma's Jug "- is a dynamically developing company in Belarus largest manufacturer of dairy products.

History begins with the Mogilev dairy plant, which was commissioned in 1979, and in the course of privatization in 1995 was transformed into an open joint stock company. December 13, 2012 decision of the Mogilev city executive committee of Open Joint Stock Company "Grandma's Jug" was renamed the holding "Mogilev dairy company" Grandma's Jug "registered in the Unified State Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

In the structure of the first dairy holding consists of "Grandmother's farmstead", 13 branches and two production departments: "Belynichi" and "Chaussky." The last step in the creation of the holding was a decision on merger of "Osipovichsky Dairy" with its affiliates, processing 330 tons of milk per day. Raw zone Mogilev company covers up to 80% of the milk produced in the Mogilev region, it is virtually all areas of the Mogilev region - 17 of 21.

Consistently high quality products holding "Mogilev dairy company" Grandma have appreciated not only consumers, but also professionals. The company's achievements have been noted more than once prestigious national and international awards.

Participation in the organization of national and international competitions (exhibitions) allows to strengthen the image of the holding "Mogilev dairy company" Grandma's administrative and business community, increase brand awareness, "Grandma's Jug," "Happy Grandchildren" and "Kali weasel" among consumers. Buy respect among competitors, increase sales of products, get information about new types of packaging that meets the requirements of the modern world of design and providing long-term storage of products at affordable prices.