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Today Babushkina Krynka is one of the leading dairy producers in Belarus. The company strives to excellence in all spheres of activity and sticks to a customer-oriented approach. Babushkina Krynka makes over 250 kinds of dairy products under the following three brands: Babushkina Krynka, Happy Grandchildren, Kali Laska and Actilight.

BABUSHKINA KRYNKA (Granny’s Jar) is a brand for organic dairy products for the whole family. These goods are made in accordance with traditional technologies. Customers appreciate their pure natural taste and the convenience of package. The brand embraces a wide range of traditional dairy products, such as milk, sour cream, curd, cream, kefir, ryazhenka, buttermilk, whey, mayonnaise, hard, soft and cream cheeses.

HAPPY GRANDCHILDREN brand stands for a wide range of healthy dairy delicacies that neither children nor adults can resist. These include chocolate-glazed curd bars, ice-cream, sweat ream cheese and other dairy desserts.

KALI LASKA is a natural product and the original brand with a very kind, gentle name and the same pleasant taste. Be sure to try!

ACTILIGHT is a natural healthy product using sourdough live yogurt cultures, which improves digestion and helps to normalize metabolism. Live Yogurt "Actilight" - an excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Svezhie Novosti - is a new line of dairy products in a convenient and practical packaging.

We are pleased to give our customers energy, health and strength to achieve their purposes. Their policies on production and quality we build on solid market research and market analysis.