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Drinking yoghurts

Good Morning drinking yoghurts by Babushkina Krynka contain only 2-3% of fat, which means that they will save you from piling up extra kilos. These yoghurts boast of natural flavors and a great taste, they are free of preservatives. Some of them are enriched with bifidobacteria.

Product Container, package Number in a
tare unit
Shelf life

Good Morning dairy yoghurt with fruit flavor, 3% of fat:

strawberries and cereals,
peach and passion fruit,
apricots, pineapple and cereals

1000 g
Tetra Rex
10 10 days

Good Morning dairy yoghurt with fruit flavor, 2% of fat:

sweet cherry and vanilla,
lemon and apple,
pear and vanilla,
peach and passion fruit,

500 g
polyethylene film
24 10 days

Good Morning fruit yoghurt, 2% of fat:

strawberries and orange,
pear and vanilla,
blueberries and apricots,
strawberries and apples,
kiwi and gooseberry,
raspberries and melon,
raspberries and apricots,
peach and passion fruit

900 g
Lean Pack
16 10 days

Bio-yoghurt with fruit filling, 2.5% of fat (strawberries and aloe vera, apples and chokeberry, cherries and echinacea)

0,5 l
Lean Pack
24 10 days

Bio-yoghurt sugar free, 2.5% of fat

0,5 l
Lean Pack
24 10 days

Mogilevski cocktail with bifidobacteria and acidophilus, 3% of fat (muesli, cereals, apricots and cereals, melon)

1,000 kg
Tetra Rex
10 6 days