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Holding «Mogilyov dairy company «Babushkina Krynka» is the leading dairy producer in Belarus. In 2008 the company turned out BYR 254.3 billion worth of goods in comparable prices.

The statutory fund of the company totaled BYR 14,116,172,000 as of January 1, 2009, the number of shares standing at 14116172 and the nominal value of one share being BYR 1,000. 96.9% of the statutory fund belongs to the state, natural persons own a share of 2.11% and other legal entities hold 0.35%. Holding «Mogilyov dairy company «Babushkina Krynka» consists of a parent company, 6 subsidiaries and a cheese factory. As of January 1, 2009, the company employed 1,207 workers. Babushkina Krynka OJSC belongs to Mogilev-based Myasomolprom association of food processing companies.

Holding «Mogilyov dairy company «Babushkina Krynka» produces dry fat-free milk, butter, hard and semi-hard cheese, whole milk products, kefir, sour cream, curd, cream, yoghurts, chocolate-glazed curd bars, ice cream, mayonnaise, whole milk substitute. The company makes over 250 kinds of goods that are sold under Babushkina Krynka (Granny’s Jar) and Veselye Vnuchata (Happy Grandchildren) brands in Belarus and abroad.

Babushkina Krynka has won a several top prizes at national and international food fairs and contests.

Introducing new technologies and up-to-date recipes, the company stays true to its basic principle, which implies using only carefully selected purely natural raw stuff and fillers.